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Welcome To Our Company

Company Overview

Equip provides IT asset recovery, data destruction and remarketing services that go above and beyond what other companies in the industry offer. Over the past few years we have become one of the leading provider of these services in the nation. Whether you are a large company that needs dependable monthly e-waste refurbishing & remarketing, or a smaller company we’ll tailor our services to meet your particular needs. Plus, our customers can follow the progress of their assets through our Equip Track customer portal. This easy-to-access, on-line system provides top-notch reporting and includes the customer’s account information, an inventory of items, data destructioninformation, as well as photos and the status of each item. Our reports even exceed auditing guidelines.

We offer Various programs for Disposal solutions

Revenue Sharing Asset Mgmt:

This program is specially designed for large companies and organizations in need of a comprehensive IT
asset disposal solution. Equip Exports will alleviate you of ALL retired computer and IT related equipment;
which includes the equipment that other companies leave behind. As soon as your assets leave your facility,
Equip Exports adopts all liability. We rely on secure transport and ensure that all processing takes place
within our secured facility. All value is determined by current wholesale market prices, and the revenue you
receive is based on a predetermined percentage share. The equipment that is deemed to have value will be
identified and documented in an audit report. Equipment that is determined to have zero value will be send
for recycling according to EPA guidelines. To inform customers about the value that has been derived from
their retired IT assets, a complete revenue share report will be presented. Included with the revenue share
report are, transfer of liability and data destruction certificates.


Market Based Assets Mgmt

Designed to deliver rapid cash flow and quick alleviation to small and medium sized companies and
organizations. By reacting quickly in equipment removal and remarketing procedures, Equip Exports offers
the highest return on your surplus IT assets. To get one step closer to efficient computer disposal, and top
market prices, simply notify the staff at Equip Exports with the specifications of your equipment, i.e., brand,
processor speed, RAM, HD, and condition. From the initial processing steps, to the payment upon audit, the
staff at Equip Exports has your best interests at heart.


Consignment Based Assets Management :

Designed to provide an outlet for your organization's retired IT asset. You have probably already
experienced enough stress just thinking about how to best retire your IT equipment. By trusting Equip
Exports in consignment processing, you will see that the stereotypical risks associated with IT retirement
are no longer apparent. You can rest assured that your IT assets will be retrieved, processed, identified,
and inventoried, with your company's integrity in mind. A complete and detailed inventory report will be
provided as part of this service. Your equipment will then be marketed through our global network of credible
buyers to attain the best possible value. The moment your assets sell, Equip Exports will compensate you
according to a predetermined percentage share.

Work Process
Secure Risk Management Disposal
Pick up equipment directly from your loading dock
Destroy hard drives or thoroughly remove all data from hard disks using Department of Defense recommended methods (on-site service available). This protects against software licensing infringement and loss of sensitive information.
Recycle equipment according to state and federal environmental laws.
Resell Equipment
At the client's request, if some of your old equipment still holds significant value, PC Disposal can resell this equipment and share the profits with you. Ask your PC Disposal representative for details. Not all equipment qualifies for resell and there is a resell time limit.
Hardware Redeployment Programs

Our services include:

  • Reformat hard disk.
  • General cleaning of hardware and monitor.
  • General system checkout.
  • Upgrade of hard disk, RAM, network card and operating system (if required).
  • Pickup and delivery.